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The history of coffee is complex and filled with numerous twists and turns. The story along the way has changed drastically as it’s become more and more mainstream. Atlanta-based roastery Portrait Coffee looks to reframe the narrative and tell the story of coffee at its roots.

Portrait highlights delicious and delicately roasted coffee from a variety of regions while simultaneously speaking to its ancestry and background.

Pouring a New Narrative with Local Coffee

Portrait’s name comes from a passion to change the picture that comes to mind when people think of specialty coffee. Coffee, as a product, was first discovered centuries ago by Africans. At the time, they couldn’t predict the impact this drink would have on a global scale. They also had no idea that their faces would be forgotten even though the pigment of the beverage mirrored their own.

It was stories like this that got the team at Portrait into coffee. After learning the history and seeing the current realities, every cup of coffee made and consumed at Portrait Coffee has become an invitation to drink purpose, meaning, fulfillment.

Portrait Coffee: Its Historic Community Ties and Hopes for the Future

As coffee enthusiasts and local residents, the team at Portrait Coffee cares deeply about seeing people take advantage of the new economic opportunities being presented in their corner of Atlanta. It is located in The West End—a historic Atlanta neighborhood with a rich history of black entrepreneurs and culture that is experiencing a renaissance with a new wave of determined and driven entrepreneurs. The Portrait Coffee team hopes their company is a catalyst for new representation and growth within the black and brown communities.

Portrait Coffee Featured Roasts 

At Corporate Essentials, we are excited to be able to partner with Portrait Coffee to help tell a little of their story and play a small part in its expansion and growth by bringing this coffee to businesses throughout the NY/NJ market. As part of that effort, we are highlighting three of Portrait varieties  that are sure to exceed your office coffee expectations.


The Founders blend is a smooth, sweet, and juicy mix to kickstart your morning in the office. The current tasting notes are cocoa, nutty, and grapes. Right now, they are blending beans from Colombia and Guatemala for Founders.


This well-balanced, sweet, and fruity coffee has notes of crisp cherry, brown sugar, and green apple. Its name is inspired by the Oscar-winning director, Barry Jenkins.


With beans originating from Honduras, this blend is an unapologetically chocolate coffee with nutty tones. Its name is inspired by the acclaimed author, Toni Morrison. 

We encourage you to try Portrait Coffee in February to celebrate Black History Month . . . and we won’t be surprised when the coffee sticks at your office for months to come. Our coffee experts are here to help you fuel your team with the right coffee to keep them energized throughout the day, including high-quality coffees from independent roasters. Contact us today to see how we can elevate your office coffee service options at your New York, Manhattan or New Jersey workplace.

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