All businesses want to grow, succeed and achieve greatness in their chosen market niche.

And, though there are many recipes for success out there for anyone curious enough to type “successful business strategy” into a search engine, here at Corporate Essentials, we believe that the formula for success is best kept simple – nurture your staff and the return on that investment will be a business that grows leaps and bounds.

If this sounds too good to be true, fear not. Today we are going to highlight four ways that engaging your staff with the help of NY’s amazing coffee distributors can pay dividends for your company’s future.

Hydrate and energize

There is a bounty of research out there that shows what your experience may already show: properly hydrated staffers are better able to focus on their work. The impact of mild dehydration is often ignored, but some of the symptoms you can attribute to inadequate hydration at work include: irritability; a foggy feeling; stiff muscles and joints; headaches; and dizzy spells. Similarly, staff who are under fed because of busy work schedules face fluctuations in blood sugar that can lead to a wide range of symptoms from fatigue to mental confusion.

For companies with a well-stocked break room, the potential for having a meeting derailed due to lack of focus is automatically less because there are snacks and refreshing beverages available for staff. Gone are the days of having to find someone to run down the the street and pick up a round of coffee for the eleven-thirty meeting.

Instead of wasting up to half an hour of everyone’s time, you can have people come to the meeting prepared to enjoy a cup of Joe and discuss the presentation without the distraction of growling stomachs.

Show the team you care

One of the biggest perks of finding a great team of coffee distributors for your NY office is that you are providing your team with an awesome on-site resource that lessens the burden on them. You’re providing food and drinks they love; saving them the time and aggravation of running around the corner every time someone in the office needs something; but more than this, you are showing them that their time and wellbeing matters.

When you provide a break room packed with nutrient-dense snacks, fresh fruits and the occasional indulgent treat, you are encouraging your staff to make the easy – and healthy – choice to grab a bite between tasks rather than skipping lunch altogether. You are also making the effort to quietly say, “Hey you, on the third floor, I know you have worked too many hours this week already, and I want to be sure you feel refreshed!” Sometimes actions speak louder than words – and so can a fruit basket next to the office beverage station.

Create great office culture

If you think about the most successful companies in the nation, they all have a few things in common. Sure, clear vision and innovation have their place, but beyond that, companies that are consistently ranked among the “best firms to work for” provide an amazing workplace experience for their staff. And without qualified staff to provide that innovative thinking and fulfill the clear vision, a company can rarely keep itself afloat.

Having a team of experts in your office who can solve business problems is crucial to your success within the industry you have chosen. Supporting those staff adequately is a vital component of establishing an office culture worth celebrating. Choosing a great team of coffee distributors is the first step toward providing the selection of beverages and other office break room essentials that underpins the foundation of such a culture.

The best office coffee distributors will be able to guide you in terms of not only the best office coffee products on the market, but also how you can use the break room as a focal point for growing your office culture. Hosting trivia hours, game nights, coffee brewing competitions and tasting events is a great way to encourage people to linger in the break room and sample new products – but more importantly, gives your team members a reason to interact with people from other departments they might never see in the course of their regular day.

Many bosses from companies with legendary company cultures will confirm that inter-departmental collaboration improves where great office coffee is served – because coffee stimulates the senses and encourages socialization.

Promote coffee breaks to keep productivity up

Providing a healthy workplace environment is a huge part of being sure people who work for you are happy in their jobs. But how can you provide a healthy atmosphere at work? Sure, there are obvious things like providing adequate lighting, appropriate ergonomics at the workstations and a good air filtration system. However, a healthy work life is based on more than the angle of your monitor or the height of your desktop.

Ask any field of workplace experts and they will tell you that the leading cause of health issues at work is people sitting down for too long. Problems caused by sitting down range from little things like achy muscles and tired eyes to bigger health issues ranging from obesity to increased incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Have no fear – your legendary team of coffee distributors is here to provide a solution to the pitfalls of a modern office job. Simply providing an array of snacks and treats that will allow your staff to remain hydrated is not enough. You need to actively encourage your teams to get up, take the short walk to the break room and enjoy the refreshments on offer.

There are plenty of ways you can do this, whether by providing pedometers and offering perks to those who hit their 10k steps a day or by offering exclusive coffee tasting opportunities at scheduled intervals. The main thing to remember is: when staff are properly hydrated they think more clearly – and staff who are encouraged to move around have improved circulation, which leads to better focus and a healthier person in general.

If you and your team are ready to take your business to the next level, contact the team at Corporate Essentials. We are ready to put close to two decades of experience as one of NY’s top coffee distributors to work helping your business exceed expectations.

Suzie Pinhancos

About Suzie Pinhancos

Suzie is the Client Support Specialist at Corporate Essentials. She graduated with a degree in Business Administration from Union County College. Since 2014 she’s been fueling the culture at Corporate Essentials and spreading the word about their premier office coffee service in NJ & NYC.