Battle_of_the_Breakfast_BeersWriting for two separate (coffee industry) blogs on a daily basis can lead to a lot of days where we’re left searching for ideas that our customers and followers will find to be interesting.

It’s not too often we find a topic that works for both the followers of of at-home blog, as well as our office-coffee-service based blog; but today was one of those beautiful days where a topic comes up that we think all off our readers (on both blogs) might find interesting.

I mean, when the words “Dogfish Head Beer” show up, and are coffee related, it opens up some eyes, because we’re 100% positive that there are many of you out there who had no idea that coffee and beer could even go together, as well as an entire community of beer geeks (said with the utmost respect, as I am one myself) who will have an opinion on the things said right here on the Corporate Essentials Blog.
This morning, Steve Goble of the Mansfield News Journal in Mansfield, Ohio staged a Royal Rumble of tasty coffee-based stouts when he pitted Dogfish Head’s Chicory Stout against Founders Breakfast Stout (the original, not to be confused with Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout or the holy grail of coffee-based stouts, Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout).
Steve gives a great blow by blow, which almost allows you to taste each sip while reading his piece.
Eventually, Founder’s Breakfast Stout emerges with the victory in Steve’s battle of the breakfast brews, but it got us thinking. If this piece made for entertaining reading, why not expand it Steve? Let’s get every coffee-based craft beer available and find out who the real champ is?
While I would think, the number-one-seeded Founder’s Canadian Breakfast Stout would run rough shot over the competition, but challengers like Mikkeller’s Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (made with, of course, weasel poop coffee) or an upstart like Heartland Brewery’s Sumatra Porter might be able to stun some palates and pull the upset..
Who has a coffee-based beer that they’s like to see in the mix to reign as the undisputed BBC (Breakfast Brew Champion)?
Suzie Pinhancos

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