Finding the best office coffee delivery service for your company in NYC can be the cornerstone to a successful, smooth-running operation for years to come. But how can you be sure you have found the best of the best coffee services for your office?

Well, today you are in luck because the expert coffee concierge team here at Corporate Essentials has come together, pouring close to twenty years of office coffee experience into four simple steps you can follow to get the greatest office coffee delivered to your break room.

1. Know what you want

Start by asking people in your office what sort of coffee, tea or other break room drinks and snacks they would most enjoy having on hand. Ask managers what they find themselves sending staff to the shop or café to pick up before meetings.

If your company already has an under-used break room, check into which products are popular, and which products are reviled–and ask people why. Once you have a good picture of what people like to drink and nibble on in your workplace, you can move on to the next step.

2. Find a great provider

When it comes to finding a great office coffee delivery company, the lion’s share of the work is in this second step. You will need to do a reasonable amount of due diligence weeding out unsuitable vendors, but this can be fairly straight forward if you simply:

  • Ask for recommendations: talk to colleagues at similar companies, ask them who they use as an office coffee supplier and find out about their experience using that supplier.
  • Look online: both for reviews and to review the office coffee product portfolios of companies you might use for your coffee service.
  • Talk to services: interviewing potential office coffee providers is the best way to get a feel for the sort of service you are likely to receive from them as a coffee delivery company. So, call potential vendors and talk to their staff about your requirements.

As you investigate more and more about the office coffee providers in NYC, you are likely to find the list of suitable suppliers whittles itself down quickly. Knowing what people expect in the break room, finding providers that offer those products and weeding out customer service that you find lackluster should give you just a few promising options to consider.

3. Sample the products

This is the most enjoyable of our four-step plan to caffeinated bliss for your workplace. To truly grasp how well the office coffee delivery service you are evaluating fits with your vision (and taste buds), you need to taste it.

More than this, you need to get the coffee equipment into your office and give it a trial run to be sure your staff can get to grips with the coffee makers that will become part of their daily caffeination rituals.

Great office coffee delivery companies take pride in the quality of their beverages as well as the reliability of their equipment, and they will gladly provide you the opportunity to sample the heart of their business’s success.

4. Celebrate with flavor

To say we have saved the best for last is an understatement–launching your new office coffee delivery service products should be an epic celebration. Use the fact that you are offering new office coffee products to draw people into the revamped break room.

Have a contest, a sampling party, a series of coffee making tutorials or just give everyone a little extra time during their lunch hour to come into the break room and celebrate the new perks that the new office coffee delivery service brings.

While it is fair to say there is still work to be done, the hard part is definitely behind you. From here, you just have to focus on keeping communication channels open so that you, your staff and your coffee supplier can create an amazing atmosphere for everyone.

If your office coffee situation is less than amazing, or you are just getting started on the road to providing great office coffee for your NYC business, we are here to help. Contact one of the coffee gurus at Corporate Essentials today for information, suggestions and samples of some amazing products that could make your office break room the coffee stop of your dreams.

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