It’s hard to deny that K Cups, the single-use coffee pods by Keurig, are one of the most convenient ways to enjoy a steaming hot cup of brew. Market research on single-cup brew pods reveals that 28 percent of people enjoy a K Cup or alternative on any given day, while 18 percent of people only know how to make coffee with a pod.

With over 400 different flavors of K Cup beverages available today, how do you know which are the most solid choices to stock in your employee break room? Here’s insight on 2018’s best K Cup flavors and snack pairings according to brutally honest online feedback from real employees and coffee experts.

K Cups Vs. Leading Alternative Coffee Pods

K Cups are non-recyclable and the number of pods sold in a given year could circle the globe over 10 times. RealCup™ Capsules are winning over corporate break rooms with a fully recyclable design. Between a superior freshness seal and a patented Flavor Max filter, the coffee tastes like a really good cup from the corner coffee shop. Best of all, RealCup™ products are Keurig-compatible, allowing you to make an eco-friendly switch without having to purchase new brew equipment!

The Best K Cups of 2018

Curious how the 75 million Keurig users in the U.S. felt about flavors last year? Here’s what the experts and coffee enthusiasts say are the best K Cups on the market.

Best K Cup #1: Donut Shop Original

The “regular” flavor of Donut Shop-branded K Cups may not be the most gourmet, but it’s predictable and relatively easy to drink. Insider contributors Ciara Appelbaum and Madeline Diamond write it’s “solid” and tastes like “authentic coffee” you’d order in a cafe.

K Cups Alternatives: Donut Shop Original

If your employees reach for Donut Shop, you may be excited to know the product is also offered by RealCup™! With the advantage of a better seal and superior brewing method, the solid flavor gets even better.

How to Pair Donut Shop Original is an eCommerce startup has managed to retain their own unique culture at the Hoboken, New Jersey headquarters. Employees can access a wide array of healthy, single-serve snacks to pair with a midday cup of coffee, including Stacy’s Pita Chips and Nature’s Bake Fig Bars.

Variety is definitely the spice of life, and employees may sometimes need something a little sturdier to go with their Donut Shop Original on Monday morning. In those cases, it’s hard to go wrong with Cinnamon Raisin Bagels.

Best K Cup #2: Green Mountain Coffee Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

If your staff includes some hardcore coffee enthusiasts, it’s probably wise to stock at least one specialty brew. A recent taste test of the 20 most popular K Cup flavors by coffee entrepreneur and former barista Josh Taves put Green Mountain’s Organic Ethiopian roast as the most palatable, saying it has a “good sweetness and acidity.”

K Cups Alternatives: Brown Gold Ethiopian

This RealCup™ offering is made from 100 percent Ethiopian coffee and beloved among even the most discerning of coffee drinkers for its unique floral aroma. You may detect Brown Gold Ethiopian’s subtle flavor notes of green tea and citrus, which make it shine when it’s consumed black.

How to Pair Ethiopian K Cups or RealCups™

Marketing Director Kim Lindquist of Boston tech startup InsightSquared is the first to admit that CEO Fred Shilmover fuels his marathon-running hobby by being a “real health nut.” Employees have healthy snacks on hand, including sparkling seltzer water, fresh fruit and Shilmovar’s favorite — almonds.

The bright flavor of Ethiopian coffee pairs remarkably well with salt-and-pepper smoked almonds or the snack that was voted staff favorite at peanut butter pretzels.

Best K Cup #3: Starbucks Caramel

In one of the most expansive taste-test experiments conducted this year, “coffee guru” Lorenzo Perkins sipped all of the best-selling K Cups. Starbucks Caramel was ranked in his top 10, with Perkins declaring it “by far the best-flavored coffee” since the flavor “wasn’t too overwhelming.” While many pros like Perkins are skeptical of flavored roasts, they’re a popular choice for office coffee service.

K Cup Alternatives: Martinson Cayman Coconut

For the days when you just want a cup of coffee that tastes downright indulgent, Martinson Cayman Coconut-flavored RealCups™ taste like a vacation to the Caribbean in a recyclable cup. If you’re feeling downright wild, consider something bolder, like Cake Boss Chocolate Cannoli-flavored coffee with it’s hints of custard, chocolate and butter.

How to Pair Caramel, Coconut or Cannoli-Flavored K Cups or RealCups™

KIND Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt bars are definitely the most popular breakroom snack at software startup LogMeIn. PR Manager Lauren Van Dam says “they’re the perfect mix of sweet and salt” while still being a pretty healthy indulgence.

Choosing the Best Single-Serve Coffee Pods of 2018

Your breakroom snacks and beverages are never just coffee. Free drinks and food is a crucial way to show your talent that they matter.

Making the switch from the best K Cups of 2018 to eco-friendly RealCups™ can also communicate that you care about the environment and providing a convenient, on-demand cup of coffee that satisfies your morning and mid-day cravings.

Corporate Essentials offers a wide range of coffee equipment and supplies, including single-cup coffee makers, RealCups™, and cold brew. With a wide array of beverage and snack options, Corporate Essentials has everything you need to make your breakroom a destination.

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