We went green before it was cool.

Sustainability is more than just recycling, it’s about being socially responsible with every decision your office makes.

We swear locally sourced coffee tastes better.

With great coffee, comes great responsibility.

  • We source many of our local coffee beans from roasters right in NYC.
  • The relationships we build with roasters are incredibly important to us.
  • We choose local because it’s the right choice, not because it’s the easiest one.

Plates, napkins and utensils – oh my! 

Our service doesn’t just stop at snacks, we run the gamut of a full break room refresh.

  • Recycled materials make the best products for any sustainable break room.
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable and so much more.
  • You’ll feel better when you know you’re doing your part, we definitely did.

Treat yourself well – all natural, USDA organic, gluten free.

At Corporate Essentials, we understand what’s involved in making the decision to replace the break room and cleaning products you currently use with choices that are more environmentally, or socially responsible.

  • We provide products that are:
    • Design for the Environment (DftE).
    • Fair Trade Certification.
    • Environmental Choice Program (EcoLogo).
    • USDA Organic Certified.
    • Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Go green!

Proudly brewing some of your favorite local coffees.

local coffee
local coffee