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The Future of Work

Fueling Office Culture

Office culture has grown and evolved over the years. Today, employees look for workplaces that value work/life balance, support their health and wellbeing, and offer flexibility and perks. Check out our infographic which dives into the psychology of productivity, how workplace culture impacts your business, and how to attract and retain the best talent.

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The Future Of Work: Fueling Office Culture
The Growth Of Office Culture
● The Bullpen, 1950s
○ Productivity enforced by ensuring everyone was visible
○ Strict hierarchy established by giving senior employees private offices
● The Cubicle, 1970s
○ Employee satisfaction boosted by offering privacy
○ Attire became less formal, and the workforce more diverse
From the mid-80s to the mid-90s, the average cubicle shrank in size by up to 50% ―
Cubicles soon became associated with cost-cutting and layoffs
● The Open Office, 1990s
○ Created community atmosphere and better communication
○ Valued teamwork and egalitarian structure with less formality
● The Flexible Office
○ “Cubicles are depressing. Private offices are isolating. Open spaces are
distracting.” ー Ron Friedman, Author of The Best Place to Work
○ Today, employees are looking for workplaces that value work/life balance,
support their health and wellbeing, and offer flexibility and perks

● The Future Of Work
Today, cutting-edge tech companies are known for their quirky office culture and
workplace perks
○ Epic Systems: Campus features a tree-house conference room, and Indiana
Jones themed tunnel, a moat, and plenty of outdoor spaces
○ Google: Offers free meals at on-campus gourmet cafes, and snacks in every
building 一 Delivers fresh fish for employees to take home
○ Cisco Systems: Provides employees the tech needed to create a home office
ーwith data and voice servicesー so they can maintain a healthy work/life
○ Airbnb: Gathers all employees together for company-wide lunch, prepared and
served by a professional chef everyday
○ S.C. Johnson: Offers a concierge service to run errands while you work 一from
returning library books to picking up dry cleaning
○ Evernote: Provides daily breakfast including smoothies, coffee, tea, pastries,
and bagel, and catered lunches from local restaurants

Simple perks 一like free foodー keep employees healthy, happy, and productive
The Psychology of Productivity
Over half of employers plan to implement workplace culture initiatives to boost employees’
engagement in health
● Poor Health Makes Poor Work
○ In the U.S., employees’ satisfaction with wellness programs is dropping

■ 2011: 41%
■ 2017: 32%
○ Just 1 in 3 say their employer’s wellness programs have helped them live
healthier lives
■ 2 in 5 say workplace wellness programs meet their needs
○ Employees who are in poor health are
■ More than 2X as likely to be disengaged
■ Almost 3X as likely to experience high stress
■ 1.25X more likely to work while sick

● Breaks Boost Employee Engagement
○ 38% of employees don’t feel encouraged to take a lunch break
■ 20% worry breaks will make them look less hardworking to their boss
○ 34% of bosses consider employees’ breaks when evaluating job performance
■ 22% think taking regular breaks is a sign an employee isn’t a hard worker
○ BUT, employees who take a lunch break everyday feel more valued and higher
job satisfaction
■ 81% who take a lunch break every want to be an active member of their
■ Nearly 90% feel refreshed and ready to work after a break

● Healthy Snacks Boost Productivity
○ Hungry employees
■ Lose focus, and take longer, more frequent breaks
■ Make the easiest choice, rather than thinking creatively
○ Free snacks are an easy, affordable way to boost productivity and creativity
○ How Do Snacks Help?
■ The human brain gets peak performance with 25 grams of glucose
circulating in the bloodstream
● Sugary treats release a quick burst of sugar, followed by a slump
in alertness and productivity
● Healthy snacks release glucose more slowly, triggering longer
periods of productivity

○ According to one study, hungry judges were less likely to give a prisoner parole
■ Over the course of a session, chance of parole faded from 65% to nearly
■ BUT, after a break chance of parole jumped back to 65%
Employees are more than 2X as likely to feel their employer promotes a healthy work
environment when wellness programs are available on-site or nearby
How Workplace Culture Impacts Your Business
● In April 2018, U.S. job openings surpassed the number of job seekers
○ 6.7 million open positions
○ 6.3 million unemployed
● Employees are job-hopping more than ever

○ In July 2018, 3.5 million quit their jobs ─ a 17 year high
○ More than 3 in 4 employees are open to new opportunities
● Millennials are now the largest segment of working adults
○ 21% have changed jobs in the past year
○ Nearly 9 in 10 prefer added perks to higher pay
● Attract & Retain The Best Talent
More than 1 in 3 job seekers received multiple offers in 2018 一 Don’t lose the best
candidates to your competitors
○ Differentiate Your Business
■ Make your values clear to current and prospective employees
■ Recognize and reward employees for a job well done
■ Offer benefits and perks that reflect your values
■ Showcase awards and celebrate your company culture

2 in 3 employees believe employers have a role to play in wellness
● Encourage Wellness At Work
Workplace wellness programs are most effective when leveraging the workplace
environment and promoting new tech
○ Encourage Work/Life Balance: Offer flexible hours, work-from-home options,
and paid time off 一 Encourage employees to address their own needs
○ Create A Community: Leverage social connections and positive peer pressure,
get managers and leaders on board, reinforce messaging on social media
○ Support Healthy Behaviors: Discourage smoking, provide healthy snacks and
meal options, and encourage physical activity during breaks
In the U.S., just over half of full time employees are happy with their current job
● That jumps to 2 in 3 employees, for those whose workplace offers free snacks
○ YET, less than 1 in 6 have access to free snacks at work

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