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Employee health is crucial to workplace productivity, and it can often mean the difference between marginal and substantial success. When your employees are healthy, they can better focus on the material before them and accomplish assigned tasks with efficiency and confidence.

Of course, employee health is not “one size fits all”. There are many definitions of health, and often it comes down to individual needs.

Yet what all healthy employees have in common is a focus on good, nutritious foods and a mission to get up and move around, away from sedentary tendencies. The great news is that there is a hack to help your employees achieve those goals and stay healthy at work. Read on to find out.

A Health Hack Worth Exploring

Workplace health starts with healthy foods. In fact, as healthcare professionals from Kaiser Permanente note, “By championing a food policy for your organization, you’ll build an environment that encourages wellness in the workplace. Most employees eat at least one meal during work, which puts you in a position to advocate healthy, nutritious options every day.”

How can you achieve workplace health? And what is this hack worth exploring? The answer is simple: office snack delivery.

Why You Need Office Snack Delivery

Setting up office snack delivery from Corporate Essentials can help you improve the health of your employees. Once they have access to high-quality products, they’ll be able to satisfy hunger without worrying about sugars, filler ingredients or chemical additives. Unhealthy foods often lead to brain fog, which can hinder attempts at productivity.

Why Haven’t You Heard About It?

Sometimes, things take time. It’s not that healthy snacks haven’t been around for a while; it’s just that healthy snacks used to be the focus at home. The expectation was that employees would eat breakfast at home, bring their lunch to work and eat dinner on their own time.

For those who went out for lunch during office hours, they simply needed to fit their meal within the scheduled lunch period. What they ate was up to them.

However, recent years have seen a rise in corporate wellness policies, including efforts to maintain a work-life balance, employee morale and a strong company culture. Since foods play into wellness, it’s only natural that employers like you want to help your employees thrive in all aspects, including the ability to stay healthy at work.

Now, there’s a stronger push for healthy snacks at the office as well as a stronger trend for employees to eat on the go or even at the office. In fact, publications like the American Heart Association’s Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit work to help employers and employees create optimal workplaces where everyone can stay healthy.

How Does Bulk Snack Delivery Work?

Bulk office snack delivery is a quick, practical and convenient way to give your employees the foods they need. To set up snack delivery at your office, all you need to do is fill out a form, add a few specifics and wait for the snack experts at Corporate Essentials to get in touch. Once you specify the types of snacks you want, you can sit back and wait for your next delivery to arrive at your door.

The Connection Between Snack Delivery and Employee Health

To stay healthy at work, your employees need access to nutritious foods. Those who only have access to typical break room products like chips, chocolate bars, candies, soda and other sugary or fatty snacks will fill up on unhealthy products that do nothing for their bodies or minds.

Healthy snacks populating the break room cupboards will be within reach whenever your employees head over for a quick break. With snack delivery, you won’t need to plan time to head to a grocery store for snacks.

Instead, delivery of healthy snacks saves your company time and money, and it reduces stress for you and any office managers.

Snacks From Corporate Essentials

When your organization is ready for healthy snacks, reach out to Corporate Essentials. From our regular snack delivery to our 50-piece monthly snack boxes, many of the following might soon appear in your breakroom.

Beanfields Black Bean With Sea Salt Chips

With just four ingredients, these tortilla chips are simple yet delicious. Black beans are rich in protein, fiber, iron and magnesium, making them far healthier than other common snack foods.

Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs Sriracha Sunshine

Made from protein-rich chickpea flour, these chickpea puffs even offer a spicy kick thanks to jalapeno and paprika. Diet-sensitive staff will also appreciate how these snacks are vegan, gluten-free, and tree- and peanut-free.

Barnana Original Banana Bites

Far from bland banana chips, these chewy banana cubes are full of flavor and texture. Your employees will love seeing these snacks in the break room as they strive to stay healthy at work.

Bounce Cacao Mint Energy Ball

These snacks have nine grams of whey protein for hours of energy, and they feature healthy ingredients like oats, sunflower seeds, brown rice and cacao.

Betty Lou’s Apple Cinnamon Fruit Bar

These apple cinnamon fruit bars are packed with flavor. When you’re trying to encourage employees to stay healthy at work, start them on the journey with delicious snacks like these.

Corporate Essentials Can Help You

Has your company culture seen less-than-stellar times? You can make changes that improve employee morale and help employees help themselves. One of those changes is to order healthy snacks, such as the snack box from Corporate Essentials. Snacks can be the perfect way to help staff stay healthy at work.

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