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Great companies thrive on diversity.

Shouldn’t your snacks?

What’s in a Corporate Essentials Snack Box?

Our snack boxes are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite snacks, while also discovering some new tasty treats! Each box contains 50 snacks, with just enough of each kind to share!

Why Choose a Corporate Essentials Snack Subscription?

At Corporate Essentials, we are dedicated to helping your employees work happy every day. When you purchase a subscription for our snack box, your office will also receive a snack rack to conveniently display its contents in your breakroom. Your employees will love finding a variety of their favorite snacks readily available!

Delicious & Healthier

We know it’s important for your employees to have some healthy options to choose from – don’t worry, it’s our specialty. Our healthy (yet delicious!) snack varieties will promote a balanced lifestyle that is anything but bland and boring!

Convenient Delivery

We know how busy the work week can get which is why we prioritize convenience. Each month, we’ll take care of delivering the snack box right to your office. Just open it up and reveal the delicious snacks inside!

Save Time & Money

When you purchase a snack box subscription, your monthly box will be discounted as a thank you for your commitment. You also won’t have to spend time deciding what snacks you need to buy your employees. With about 12 varieties of snacks in each box, there’s something for everyone!

Exciting New Snacks Every Time

Each month we’ll put together a new variety of snacks for constant discovery. Craving a favorite from an old box? Give your Customer Care Representative a call anytime to place an order!

save $25 on next snack box

Prices and Subscription Plans

1 Month


Want to give our box a try without the commitment? We’ve got you covered. We won’t blame you when you come back for more!

6 Month Subscription


Want a variety of yummy snacks sent straight to your office for 6 months? Look no further. We’ll even discount your box for a total savings of $180! And of course we’ll throw in a snack rack to put it all on display.

3 Month Subscription


To thank you for committing to us, we’ll discount your monthly box and even throw in a snack rack to display the contents in your breakroom!

1 Year Subscription

+1 Free Snack Box

At Corporate Essentials, we value commitment, so when you sign up for 1 year, you’ll save $360 on your favorite snacks! But that’s not all: we’ll throw in a free bonus box – a $129 value. And as always, a snack rack will be included to show it all off.

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Featuring over 30,000 snack varieties.

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