Fresh_Pack_RecyclingCorporate Essentials, in conjunction with Mars Drinks and TerraCycle are proud to announce an exciting new website to better support the recycling of your Mars Drinks (FLAVIA) Fresh Packs. As of January 1, 2012, your recycle program will be accessible through, and upgraded to a more efficient office collection program that is even easier to use.

In preparation for this transition, we wanted to make you aware of some key changes to the program:
Beginning January 1, 2012 you will no longer access the Mars Drinks recycle program through the TerraCycle website to recycle your freshpacks. You will contact Corporate Essentials to create a new user account on Your user account on the new website will provide you with instant access to print FedEx shipping labels to return your used freshpacks. The labels can be affixed to any empty box available in your office to collect and ship used freshpacks to TerraCycle(further details below).
As of January 1, 2012, customers who have created an account on www.RecycleYourFreshpacks.comcan use any box in their office to collect and ship used freshpacks to TerraCycle. Examples of boxes that can be used in your office include, but are not limited to, copy paper boxes, and the box in which your 10-ounce Hot Cups arrive. The only caveat is that the weight of the package must not exceed 40 pounds.
At Corporate Essentials, we offer two trash liners, which will perfectly accommodate the above two box options, and will make your Freshpack Recycling Program even easier:
Customers who may still have a quantity of boxes on hand from the existing program may continue to use those boxes to return used freshpacks to TerraCycle.
Additional, more detailed information about the new program is available by contacting your Corporate Essentials Office Refreshment Professional.
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