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Nespresso Zenius Office Coffee Brewer NJ NYCWhen it comes to office coffee, there is plenty to be thankful for – the convenience, the freshness, the welcoming aroma, the flavorful splash of creamer that makes your cup of coffee truly and uniquely your own. Coffee fans are thankful for the beans, they’re thankful for the roasting process, the speed of modern brewing and the care with which coffee has harvested the world over.

There is, however, an unsung group of heroes in the world of office coffee – the office coffee machines. If you’re looking for the best coffee machine for your NYC office, look no further. Corporate Essentials has a ton of knowledge on all things office coffee. Whether your workplace is home to a hive of single-serve brewers, a bevy of bulk brewing beauties or a sophisticated espresso setup, the team at Corporate Essentials can lead you to their favorite coffee machines so you can find the best fit.

Single Serve

Single-serve brewers offer a great, flexible option for busy offices. An office coffee machine that fails to satisfy demands is worthless, but finding equipment that can cater to all the needs of a diverse staff can be tricky. This is where the single-serve brewing system truly shines because everyone can get exactly what they want, and fast.

RealCup™ RC400

An excellent offering from the minds at Grindmaster®, the RealCup™ RC400 is arguably the most flexible single-cup brewer on the market. Boasting both K-Cup® compatibility and its own line of RealCup Flavor Max Filter cups, the RC400 is a great option for offices where coffee is an essential part of life, people like a wide variety of beverages and time is at a premium.

Starbucks iCup

For an office in NYC where appearances really matter, the Starbucks iCup is a great option. Providing a flexible, fast brewing system and a no-hassle cleanup, the iCup offers drinks in two sizes, with delectable coffees and rich hot chocolates made to order in under a minute.

Cafection Total 1

If your workplace is packed with true coffee connoisseurs who demand the convenience of single-cup brewing, the Cafection Total 1 is a great option. Packing thousands of options into a simple touch-screen interface, the Total 1 boasts standard offerings including cup sizes from 5 to 20 ounces, three bean hoppers, three soluble canisters and three brew strengths to suit the palates of your crowd. This is a true bean-to-brew single-cup unit, capable of serving offices with 100 employees or more with ease.

Coffee for the Masses

There are some offices where staffers are not as fickle. Rather than wanting to peruse row after row of flavored coffee pods of specialty roast filter cups, workers are content with simply grabbing a cup of whatever is hot, fresh and brown on the counter at the time. This is where choosing a bulk brewer for your office coffee machine can truly shine, offering a fast pot of coffee just in time for the big meeting at ten and keeping the break room supplied with a steady stream of caffeine all through the day.

Bunn Infusion Series

While your mental image of a Bunn brewer might be less than romantic, the modern equivalent of those tired glass carafes in cafes around the world is a true marvel. Bunn’s BrewWISE® system has caught up to speed with our tech-savvy world, providing consistent coffee with excellent flavor at every opportunity – and the Twin Infusion Series brewer can pump out 17.5 gallons of coffee an hour.

Fetco CBS-2051e

Similarly, Fetco’s CBS-2051e brewer provides a variety of brewing options allowing users to personalize the coffee they consume pot by pot. Innovations like Fetco’s Pulse-Brew System along with the CBS-2051e’s Pre-Wet Cycle, give an optimal infusion brewing result every time.


There’s little that satisfies a true coffee fanatic’s itch quite like a hand-crafted espresso. Whether your particular poison is ristretto, noisette, doppio, macchiato, cappuccino or the trusty latte, having an office coffee machine capable of pulling espresso shots is an exquisite reward for those who truly love their morning brew. These espresso aficionados will be grateful to enjoy exactly what they’re craving in the office rather than having to find a trustworthy NYC café nearby.

Nespresso Zenius

This is not your granddad’s office coffee machine. It is also probably nothing like his espresso maker if he has one. Instead of all the fuss and mess associated with a traditional espresso station, the Zenius offers simplicity thanks to technology. Espresso is brewed efficiently, from a fine selection of Nespresso capsules. Sixty seconds from click to “aaaah” and then you are back on your way to a productive day. And for those who are concerned that the Zenius is “too specialized”, never fear, it will dispense fresh hot water at an ideal temperature to make other hot beverages as needed.

Coffee Grinder

And what good would all the best coffee machines in the world be without the right grind for your coffee? Why, none at all. Everyone knows that freshly ground coffee beans yield the most delicious cups of coffee. And the shorter the window between grinding and brewing, the more delicious that coffee will be.

Thanks to a stellar office coffee service, you are able to have fresh, locally roasted coffee brought right to your office at regular intervals. Being able to grind it on site is the last piece of the ultimate office coffee puzzle. Luckily, the team at Corporate Essentials has an office coffee machine that is just right for the job.

Ditting KF804 Grinder

An in-office coffee grinder is something that a lot of break rooms skip over purely because finding a machine that is capable of keeping up with real-world demands can be difficult. The Ditting KF804 is a superb option, offering plenty of power for precision grinding of a variety of types of coffee beans. But the power the KF804 packs is notable because it resides in a compact machine – which makes it a viable option for offices of all sizes where freshly-ground coffee is an essential component for successful operations.

These are just a few of the amazing, flexible office coffee makers on offer in today’s competitive marketplace. If you’re curious which office coffee machine is the best match for your NYC office, contact the team of experts at Corporate Essentials. They can help you find the right option for your workplace, whether it be a bean-to-cup machine or a more traditional brewing machine.

Our experience in providing office coffee solutions to teams of all sizes puts us in a great position to help you meet the needs of your team by choosing the right coffee machines.

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