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Pricing a new office coffee delivery agreement for your New Jersey office is easier than you might think. Sure, there is plenty to consider, between the countless roasts and the wide variety of office coffee equipment on offer, but the coffee experts at Corporate Essentials are giving you a simple three step plan to help you on your way to providing the best office coffee your New Jersey coworkers could hope to find in the break room.

Size really does matter

When it comes to office coffee delivery, size matters in a number of ways. This is the first step toward finding the right price for the coffee delivery service in your New Jersey office. There are three parts to size to consider for step one:

  • Available space: first things first, you need to size your office coffee system so that it will fit into the break room area you have available. This is important because choosing the most beautiful office coffee machines on earth will do little for boosting office morale if they have to be returned or are inaccessible due to limited space in the break room.
  • Size of the audience: second, you will want to ensure the equipment you are picking is appropriate to serve the number of coffee drinkers in your office. For some businesses a couple of single-serve brewers do a great job of meeting demand, but for others, a fleet of larger capacity units may be necessary.
  • Quantity required: the third area where size matters when choosing the various components of your office coffee order. Calculate how much coffee your colleagues go through, how often it should be replenished to ensure it is at the peak of freshness and what alternatives might be needed to guarantee there is never a gap in amazing coffee service for your teams.

A solid office coffee service representative will be able to assist you in calculating what machines best meet the demands of your workforce, as well as getting your office coffee order dialed in to be sure everyone is satisfied – and caffeinated – appropriately for the work that lies ahead each day.

Variety plus quality equals happiness

Because coffee and other beverages are best enjoyed fresh, you need to consider the number of different break room beverages you will require from your office coffee delivery service. Office coffee is a pleasure that many people enjoy – more so when there are a wide variety of beverages on offer for them to choose from when the need for caffeine comes calling in the early afternoon.

At the same time, you should never sacrifice the quality of coffees and other beverages on offer in your break room in the name of variety. Working closely with a great office coffee delivery provider will help you understand how to maximize both freshness and selection for your staff – ensuring that every cup of coffee served to staff, clients and other office visitors is the best cup of office coffee on the block.

Reliability is key

Unexpected costs down the road can obliterate upfront savings you may make with an office coffee delivery service. Training in equipment use, routine maintenance, repairs and eventual upgrades may be covered by some office coffee agreements. The important factor here is learning what is included in your standing charge and what will cost you extra.

If you are aware of the variables, the “true price” of your office coffee delivery service is easier to calculate. During your negotiations, be sure to ask whether you or your office coffee provider is responsible for:

  • On-site staff training: a great office coffee service will offer training for some of your key staff, those people can then teach others how to use the office coffee machines.
  • Routine maintenance: some equipment requires only simple maintenance that someone in your office can likely be trained to undertake, other equipment requires more thorough maintenance by trained or certified technicians – know what maintenance the equipment requires and who will be responsible for it.
  • Repairs or breakdown assistance: does the coffee delivery service handle repairs directly or outsource them to a third party – and whatever the case, who pays the bills?
  • Replacement of damaged or faulty equipment: sometimes you are covered by a warranty, sometimes you are covered by the goodwill of the office coffee service and other times, you are on your own.

Regardless of who is responsible for what, knowing that the office coffee service you are courting offers high-quality products that they are happy to stand behind is a key component to a happy relationship with your break room. Investing in an office coffee delivery service that is willing to provide great service and excellent products might appear more expensive at first, but in the long run, the reliability factor is one of the most important added-value items in any office coffee contract.

Focus on flexibility

Because technology changes, taste evolves and sometimes you just need an extra delivery by Tuesday at noon, it is vital to count the cost of changes to your standard order or upgrades to coffee equipment when considering the overall price of your office coffee delivery service.

Just as you would never hire a stuck-in-the-mud service provider for your home given the choice, you should not settle for a less-than-flexible office coffee service option, so think about your:

  • Delivery options: is the office coffee delivery service you are considering going to up-charge for earlier (or later) reorders?
  • Order options: particularly at the start of your office coffee agreement, you might need to change things up frequently, will you be charged for changing the standing order?
  • Equipment lock-ins: coffee technology might sound like something we made up, but the truth is office coffee machines grow and change every year. Knowing whether your office coffee delivery agreement will lock you into an old model for longer than necessary is important in consideration. So be aware of the specifications of the office coffee equipment you are signing up for, and read up on how new (or old) the coffee maker really is. Potential time and energy savings in new models that may be released in the coming months might be worth the up-front cost of a more flexible office coffee delivery agreement.

Now that you are feeling more confident about the taxing task of pricing the next office coffee delivery service for your New Jersey office, reach out to the team of experts at Corporate Essentials. Our coffee people are poised to help you make the best decisions for your company’s tastes, budget and other requirements – ensuring that your office coffee is the best in town is our specialty.

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