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There are few areas that can compete with a well-stocked office break room. The truth is, everyone from the maintenance guy to the staff in the executive wing relies on office break room supplies, often without realizing their importance.

Breakroom Staples

Those snacks, drinks, and occasional treats don’t serve or clean up after themselves, and without a solid assortment of paper products and tableware, your sparkling flagship NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan or New Jersey office can quickly degenerate into a quagmire filled with sticky desktops and unfortunate stains.

The truth of it is, no one wants to think about the paper towels or napkins in the break room, but without basic office breakroom supplies such as these, grabbing a quick snack and taking it to your desk can become a messy affair.

Saving Time and Money

Without the supplies everyone at work takes for granted, that quick cup of coffee would turn into a stack of nasty cups on the end of someone’s desk by the end of the week. And the amount of debris swept from desks onto the floor doesn’t bear thinking about.

The knock-on effect of all that extra mess is extra man hours spent cleaning it up, but Corporate Essentials provides a simple, on-demand solution to the problem with their industry-leading selection of office breakroom supplies.

Convenience with a Conscience

All this talk of disposable cups, plates and cutlery can lead to heated debates in offices, particularly where environmental matters are of increasing importance. However, through careful consultation with suppliers, Corporate Essentials is pleased to offer a robust line of tableware, along with tissue and paper products, which are made from renewable resources.

Eco-Friendly Options

We offer eco-friendly plates fashioned from sugar cane fiber and thus, 100% biodegradable while retaining all the proper functions of traditional single-use plates. With utensils made from cornstarch resin, chlorine-free hot cups and even a green option for those popular c-fold towels, “green” offerings for the majority of office breakroom supplies are readily available.

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