By putting your faith in us, you will be fueling office culture as well as cultivating a sense of contentment among your staff.

For over a decade, our clients have enjoyed premium beverage services, brewing equipment and break room supplies from a variety of vendors.

Corporate Essentials’ status as a leading full-service provider of great office coffee to NJ, NYC, Brooklyn and Manhattan locations stems from its commitment to finding the highest-quality brands and most innovative brewing technologies. We understand that in a competitive marketplace, the key to success is focused, engaged employees.

From fresh-roasted coffee to fresh fruit and dairy products to break room design, you can rely on us to create the ultimate break room experience for your office. We know that your day to day business enterprises leave little time for juggling office amenities, so we handle all the details to make sure that employee well-being is a priority.

Let your employees sit in the lap of luxury.

From bean to cup, we offer the finest selection of roasts to keep your office’s break periods streamlined and efficient. With access to single cup coffee makers, traditional brewers and Espresso machines, you’ll be sure to find a solution that fits the unique needs of your office.

In addition to brand name roasts, we also take pride in supplying the simple but irreplaceable luxury of local blends. Known for fair-trade and ethical practices, local coffee roasters provide fresh, exquisite flavors while allowing you to give back to your community.

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Let your employees sit in the lap of luxury.

For our resident non-coffee drinkers, have no fear. Our coffee makers also have the ability to brew delicious cups of tea. With hundreds of options each jam-packed with flavor, you’ll be sure to find a beverage choice that will satisfy your palette.

We offer a variety of hassle-free brewers from major industry names such as Keurig, Starbucks, Fetco, Nespresso and Newco to ensure that your options are nothing short of extensive.

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Office Water Cooler Service - NJ, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn

Hydration station for your work space

We offer the best customized office water cooler services to ensure that your employees are keeping hydrated throughout the hectic work day. Whether you need a water filtration service or individually packaged water bottles, we’ll find a solution to maximize workplace efficiency.

Our water service programs are designed to fit the mold of your office culture. Reduce your carbon footprint as well as maintenance costs with our water filtration equipment, or capitalize on convenience by giving your employees the ability to bring mess-free water bottles back to their desks.

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Putting the fun back in healthy living.

The workplace isn’t designed to promote healthy lifestyle choices. If you have to work through lunch or have to curb your hunger pangs with a chocolate bar, it’s difficult to have disciplined eating habits at your desk. With our vast selection of delicious, healthy snacks, eating well has never been easier.

Instead of eliminating snacking from your work day, indulge in our wide assortment of nutritious treats that satisfy your cravings without creating guilt. Access to healthy choices leads to enhanced workplace productivity as well as a greater general sense of well-being.

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Let us handle the small stuff.

We offer over 2,000 supplies to keep your break room functional. By letting us take care of the minute details, you can get back to running your business. From cleaning supplies to your garden variety of plasticware, we’ll keep your break room running smoothly.

We offer plates and bowls, hot and cold cups, towels and napkins as well as utensils and stirrers that maximize break room efficiency while minimizing the mess. Our full-service care will make sure that you always have the supplies you need readily available.

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We’ll make your vision a reality.

A vital part of a great office is creating a space that your employees want to go to escape the hectic hub of office activity. From concept to finish, we will make sure that your needs and concerns are addressed throughout the entire process.

Our level of expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate the perfect break room space into your office culture. From equipment to supplies, we will base our recommendations on your vision for your break room. We combine style with functionality to ensure that your office optimizes productivity.

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