Anyone that has been keeping up with this blog for any amount of time will probably understand that nutritious snacks play a large role in the success of a business. Fueling employees with healthy snacks helps sustain positive stamina and energy in the office, leading “to a more focused, productive, and happy team” as Garr informs. Fruit in particular is a beneficial way to fuel your workday, with an ample amount of essential nutrients and energy-boosting vitamins.

We can all agree that fruit tastes its best when in season. Claire Sellers states the “most popular berry in the world,” strawberries, are in their prime during the months of late April to August. Oranges are prime during November to April, appearing their best in the months of January through March. Fruit in general does not last for a very long time, especially when out of season, so it is crucial to be wise to these facts. So, you might ask, when is the best season to buy your favorite fruits?

In terms of citrus fruits, domestic production is nearing an end as we reach the beginning days of summer. Janet Fuller credits the navel’s particularly long season beginning in November and lasting until May. Give or take a few perished oranges or lemons, the rest of the box containing these citruses is still of decent quality.

One particular citrus that most seem to enjoy is clementines. Their bitter but sweet taste seems to satisfy consumers for a brief snack, and even occupies young children with the seedless brands, “Cuties” or “Halos”. As the weather changes, clementines from Florida and other North American growing regions have reached the end of their peak season. In order to keep their inventory fresh, suppliers have moved to purchasing from North America to South America and South Africa. As we enter into the beginning days of June, the clementines in the Southern Hemisphere are at the start of their season where the citrus is ripe enough for the juicy and sweet preference of most customers, given the rise of weather temperatures. The recommendation from local fruit distributors is to buy away!

Berries, on the other hand, are more susceptible to decay at a much quicker rate, and should be consumed within a two-to-three day window. As for green grapes this time of year, they are just becoming ripe enough for the sweet treat people love to enjoy. Currently, the sugar levels of green grapes are beginning to rise, gradually progressing into the peak of their season.

Apples, however, are predicted to last about a week according to local food distributor, FreshPro, despite their nearing the end of the domestic season. Honeycrisp apples are a prime example of this. When in season, the honeycrisps provide a sweet, yet tart taste to employees in the workplace.

Apricots, peaches, and nectarines are exceptional to purchase as of now. Plums and cherries are expected to peak shortly as summer approaches and the weather begins to warm up. The flavor and quality of all is excellent – now is the time to take advantage of some of summer’s sweetest treats.

As per usual, our local distributors do everything in their power to ensure the best possible orders of fresh produce. It is even possible that very few times, a specific bundle or pallet of fruit may have already perished just prior to shipment, where in this case, our distributors will remove the pallet at the last minute to ensure their well-established reputation.

Corporate Essentials would never accept inferior quality products to sell to our customers. If you are going to purchase fruit from us, you can bet that it is going to be of top-notch quality with great taste and flavor because of the care we, along with our distributors, take in ensuring nothing but the best for our customers!

Although expiration dates are solely for guidance, they are not perfectly accurate or guaranteed. As taken with caution, these timeframes predict as to when certain fruits should be consumed for the safety and health of consumers. Perishables are unfortunate for the reason that there are short time frames for such wonderful foods. As the old saying goes, “nothing lasts forever,” hence the meaning of “timeframes.”

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