Yesterday, Governor Murphy signed and issued Executive Order 192 in response to a rise in COVID-19 cases across the State. The Order mandates both private and public companies to implement uniform health and safety standards to protect their workers.

The Order establishes the following guidelines:

  • All workers undergo a health screening before every shift
  • Workers to wear a face mask, with limited exceptions
  • Employers to provide masks to workers at the company’s expense
  • Workers to keep at least 6 feet from each other “to the maximum extent possible”
  • Employers to notify workers when there is possible exposure to the virus
  • Companies to provide workers, customers, and visitors with sanitizing materials at the company’s expense
  • Workers to be allowed breaks throughout the day to wash their hands
  • Companies to routinely clean and disinfect frequently touched areas

Under the Order, the State Labor Department will also create an online complaint form for workers and the department will work with the State Health Department to create investigation protocols.

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We are here to support your business and your team during this challenging time. Our team is well-versed in the regulations in place and is here to guide you with recommendations on how to best outfit your space for the return to the office. Please give us a call at 973-402-1088 if you have any questions or email us at

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