Designed to make serving coffee easier than ever The Curtis  G4 Single 1.0 GAL Coffee Brewer is the latest high-tech advancement meant to provide an unbeatable experience. Its reliable operation is designed to save space while meeting the needs of your consumers. 

It includes a 4.3” touch screen with an icon-driven interface streamline operation. It also provides on-screen instructions to show fast and intuitive training that will reduce service calls. 

Because planet earth and your health are important, The Curtis G4 Single 1.0 GAL Coffee Brewer includes an energy saving mode, a non-metallic water level probe, non-immersed water temperature sensor and an industry effective mineral tolerant design. 

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Dimensions: 24.75″ H x 11.13″W x 20.75″D
Weight: 56 lbs.
Voltage: 110/220 V

  • 1-gallon coffee brewer
  • Integrated hot water faucet designed to save space
  • Brewing capacity 4.5-7.5 gallons an hour
  • Designed for an office size of 30+ people

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