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Out of all the privately held companies in the United States, Corporate Essentials checked in as the 2,876th fastest-growing company in the United States, according to Inc. Magazine.
“It’s exciting to be a part of a list like this, especially for the second time,” said Judson Kleinman, President of Corporate Essentials, which was also part of the Inc. 5,000 list in 2007. “In a time where most corporate growth comes from acquisitions in mergers, it shows that substantial growth can still be achieved by providing customers with first-class service.”
For more information on Corporate Essentials inclusion in the 2011 Inc. 5,000 list, visit Corporate Essentials’ Inc. 5,000 Profile Page.
Joe Simonovich

About Joe Simonovich

Joe has a strong background in marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). The start to his career as a customer service representative has given him a unique foundation and different perspective on almost all business-related situations. Joe is now the Chief Growth Officer (and Director of Creating Awesomeness) at Corporate Essentials. He brings a unique skill set and a hands-on approach to any leadership role and believes that hustle is simply a way of life.