CoffeeCloud is a service powered by TopBrewer and has been named the “Internet of Coffee.

In this read, we’ll dive into exactly what that means and how using the TopBrewer app can improve your coffee experience. 

CoffeeCloud - Why the TopBrewer App is a Must-HaveWhat Is It?

Put simply, CoffeeCloud is a cloud-based software that works in tandem with TopBrewer to give users access to full analytics of their TopBrewer machine’s usage, in addition to other enhancements that make brewing better than ever. Functions such as saving your favorite drink blend are possible when directly operating TopBrewer, but CoffeeCloud offers much more, and all of it is included with your TopBrewer.

What Else Does It Do?

CoffeeCloud tracks real-time data stored online, hence its title as the Internet of Coffee. Whether in the office or on-the-go, it allows you to see everything about how people are using your TopBrewer. If you’ve ever been curious about the specific days or times a machine is most heavily relied on, CoffeeCloud can provide the answer! This live data helps you determine when to next refill the machine or perform a routine cleanup. That said, thanks to optional notifications, planning becomes easier than ever before. 

Setting up notifications allows CoffeeCloud to send an alert as soon as certain events occur. One example of this is when a TopBrewer’s next cleaning cycle is scheduled to take place. But one of CoffeeCloud’s most fascinating capabilities is its direct assistance with product ordering; by monitoring a TopBrewer’s usage patterns, the cloud service can produce an estimate of when users should expect to refill their machine with coffee beans, milk, or other ingredients before the supply has even emptied. This eliminates the “guessing game” of finding the best time to order a refill and thus helps reduce product waste. 

All of these functions can be controlled while away from the machine, which is especially handy when you upgrade the office with multiple TopBrewer units. If you want to make changes to the entire fleet, it’s possible through CoffeeCloud. Each unit is given a unique name making it easily identified for future use.

On the off chance that a TopBrewer unit is experiencing technical difficulties, CoffeeCloud can contact TopBrewer experts for advice and schedule an appointment for maintenance. This is possible thanks to efficient service through the use of live data, which allows TopBrewer engineers to diagnose a machine quickly. This helps minimize downtime and get you back to your coffee faster!

How Can I Use It? 

CoffeeCloud can be accessed using a free downloadable application available on phones and tablets, including the TopBrewer’s onboard iPad, but it can also be controlled via PC.

If you regularly use TopBrewer then CoffeeCloud shouldn’t be missed. All of these features make it an essential companion to your daily cup of coffee! Managing CoffeeCloud helps complete the TopBrewer experience. 

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